Working with Children and Young People

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Life can be challenging for our children and young people; physical growth, problems at school or with friends, social media, exam pressures can all contribute to stress and loss of self-esteem.

All children and young people will experience some type of emotional upset during their childhood and adolescent years, but when the problem gets in the way of their everyday life, they may need some tools to help them understand and cope in certain situations.

Hypnotherapy can be effective in helping your child overcome emotional or psychological difficulties. I can help with anxiety, aggression, self confidence & low self-esteem, fears & phobias, sleep problems, unwanted habits/thumb sucking/nail biting, bed wetting, food issues, stuttering & stammering.

I have trained at an advanced level to provide solution focused hypnotherapy and adding this training to over twenty years of working with challenging children and young people as a community NHS dentist, I have gained a substantial insight into how the minds' of children and young people work. (I also have two sets of twins, a boy and 3 girls aged 14 and 11)