Do you experience a buzzing, ringing, hissing or other distressing sound in one or both ears?

Tinnitus can be described as any noise or set of sounds generated in the ear, hearing system, or brain.


The vast majority of the time "it's" in the brain, which can be considered as a persistent memory.

So why could hypnotherapy be a good option to help you with tinnitus? 


It has been shown in a recent study on the efficacy of hypnosis in tinnitus reduction, that 73% of the study group who used hypnosis succeeded in reducing the noise.

Many studies have shown that sufferers of tinnitus experienced the onset of the condition during a period of either stress or depression.

Tinnitus can also be caused by certain drugs or from excessive noise, therefore, even though the onset was not due to stress or depression, these aspects can also surface as a result of the tinnitus.

With tinnitus there are clusters of feelings and emotions attached to the illness within the neurology of the individual. These emotions range from anger, despair and stress. 





Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works by effectively reducing your ‘stress bucket’ levels through positive thinking – which is encouraged during a number of sessions

Once you are focused in a state of positive thinking then the final part of the session uses trance to encourage a process called Rapid Eye Movement (REM) - whereby the brain effectively empties some of its own stress bucket levels.  

Over a number of sessions, you should start to notice their stress levels have dropped and you can start to feel calmer, more positive and relaxed about life and how you react to your tinnitus.

It really is a simple, safe and effective way to help someone control and manage their tinnitus.


Obviously if someone has health concerns then they should visit the GP