" I'm feeling pretty good and positive and have felt the benefit of the sessions lots..."

MJ August 218

"Everything is just so much easier now, as a I am calm and in control"

LV June 2018

" Cara was super with my teen..."

SB April 2018

" I have had treatment with Cara for sleeping issues and it has really helped me"

VT December 2017

" I've had great sessions with Cara, very helpful, professional and relaxing. Calming"

LB December 2017

"I had been on medication for depression/anxiety for 13 years. After a number of sessions

with Cara I was able to reduce the dosage and then come off the tablets completely.

I very strongly recommend River Practice Hypnotherapy.

The sessions are both relaxing and enjoyable and the therapy is highly effective.

Quite a few months later I am still in a VERY good place emotionally and psychologically.

Thank you Cara very very much."

LM November 2017

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for squeezing in my 3 appointments the week before last.

My flights to and from Portugal were so much better than usual. Just like you said, the fear is

still there but I had basically no physical reaction to the fear (whereas I would usually be

shaking/ heart racing/ upset and nervous!)

I listened to your recording on the flight and it really helped to chill me out. 

So, thanks again! I will absolutely recommend you to family and friends who are suffering

with anxieties."

LJ July 2017

"I decided to see Cara to help with a couple of things I believed were becoming an

issue and having quite an impact on other aspects of my life. The main issue was

spending money on things I didn’t need, just wanted.

Cara and I had an initial consultation so I could understand what hypnotherapy was

and why the brain does what it does and so Cara could understand the issues I was

having. Once we had had this chat, Cara sent me a sleep CD which I began

right away. This was to help with my sleep pattern, which was terrible. I would lay

there tossing and turning for hours not being able to settle my mind to sleep.

The first night I put this CD on I had an extremely good night’s sleep. I woke up on

time to get ready for work and I felt great!

I continued with the sleep CD every day and then had my first session with Cara a week

later. I can’t say I remember much!

I was very relaxed and, although felt tired, felt amazing afterwards. After our session I

continued for another week with the sleep CD. Within that week I didn’t buy a single

thing, even when I picked up a pair of trousers I questioned why I needed them, do I

need them? I put them back.

I had my second session and, again felt amazing. After this session I didn’t need the

sleep CD anymore. I have also not needed to see Cara again. I really think about

whether I need to buy something, whether it is a necessity. So far so good. I feel

happier in myself and I am sleeping very well, along with getting up in the morning at

my first alarm!

Thanks Cara!"

KN May 2017

"For the first time ever I had a real smile on my  face when I was competing instead of

a fake smile for the judges"

GB March 2017

"Thank you for the hypnotherapy yesterday.I slept like a babylast night!!!

It completely relaxed me. Looking forward to next week"

RH February 2017

"This session has made me feel so relaxed”

EB January 2017