Quit Smoking – Permanently


I researched in great depth, completed comprehensive training and learnt about

how people quit smoking and stay stopped in the long term. This is what I should

like to impart to you.

Many people have tried nicotine replacement, stop smoking clinics and vaping

which appear successful for a while, only to find that the smoking creeps back

on over time.  Whatever triggers your smoking habits, you can change the way

you think about smoking.   No more battling with temptation.

My approach is proving to be very effective.   

More about the sessions:

·         In the first session I gather information about you and your smoking habits and explore them with you. At the first session you will be provided with a link to a soundtrack to download.

I will also lead you through some preparation for stopping smoking for good.

·         In the second session I use a Power Point presentation. The presentation is interactive, relaxed and informative. 

We finish the session with a guided hypnosis relaxation. 

·         Throughout both sessions I will provide you with a few simple self-awareness exercises to keep you focused and make you         aware of how your mindset is changing.

·         You are free to ask questions or tell us how you are progressing if you would like to.

·         This is about mindset changes. 

Sessions are open to men, women and teenagers.

Please note:  If you are very stressed or anxious, I strongly recommend a couple of private hypnotherapy sessions with me, to maximise the benefits of the course.  Please contact me to discuss.

Session 1 lasts for approximately 1-1.5 hours

Session 2 lasts for between 1.5-2 hours


Total cost £130

A £50 deposit is payable on booking the sessions. The balance of £80 is payable at the first session.