Why is positive thinking so important?

March 29, 2019


Despite often being told how beneficial it is to think positively, we often struggle to do so. 


Acting differently to how we think or feel can definitely prove helpful in certain social situations. However, if what we present as the truth is different from our internal reality over a longer period of time, it can lead to inner tension. This is because our thoughts create the same chemical responses as our actions.

The best way to think about this is perhaps when we are attempting to do something relaxing but find it impossible because our mind starts racing.

Sometimes these intrusive thoughts can become more and more intense to the point of actually making us nauseous or gasping for breath.

In our mind we allow ourselves to think whatever we like, but our thoughts eventually become part of our belief system.

Moreover, our negative thoughts build up and are stored; in hypnotherapy we call this collection of negative thoughts our “stress bucket”.

So, if we dwell on negative thoughts, we encourage our body to produce a lot of stress hormones which, once our stress bucket is full, will turn into anxiety and start waking us up at night. It sounds like a vicious circle, doesn’t it?
We can stop this impacting our health.

The first step is to become more observant of our self-talk. Now if we remember that even water crystals change their consistency when talked to nicely, imagine what effect this would have on your own life? Everything thrives with love, and there is no better love than self-love.

Practice can make it perfect
I know it may not seem easy to suddenly switch this polarity around, but everything is achievable with practice!

You can start by rewriting your negative thoughts into positive ones as this will direct your thought energy towards how you want things to be.

By training our mind to think positively, we are actually acknowledging the potential for improvement and instinctively steering our actions towards solutions.
Even in challenging situations, instead of just labelling them as negative, adopting a positive attitude will boost our resilience, help us to persevere in the most difficult of times and even reveal some hidden potential.




based on a blog by Silvia Boric Oakes-Wilson

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