A Mindset Approach to Weight Control

Weight Management

A Mindset Approach to Weight Control​

A 3-session course

Next courses;

Tuesday evenings at 7-830pm on 11th & 25th September

Saturday mornings at 10-1130am on 8th & 22th September

3rd sessions to be confirmed by attendees

In the past, when clients came to see me about weight loss, I worked on the premise that if we lower an individual’s stress level, then weight loss follows. There is truth in that. However, I wanted to offer more to my clients. I researched it in greater depth and learned about this course and completed the comprehensive training. It was while I was working with clients that I realised that what I was saying to my clients was resulting in weight dropping off me! Clients have told me how their sweet tooth and snacking habits disappear, so they have a relaxed, ‘take-it-or-leave’ it attitude. This is what I should like to impart to you.

Many people have tried slimming clubs, calorie counting and various diets which appear successful for a while, only to find that the weight creeps back on over time. Diets have been shown not to work in the long term. We all know that surplus weight can have serious health consequences and we are aware of the damage that sugar and junk food can do to us. Maintaining a healthy weight can become a lifelong battle. Whatever triggers your bad eating habits, you can change the way you think about food, but still enjoy it. No more battling with temptation.

Sessions 1 and 2 will be on fixed dates. You will be given a choice of dates for Session 3, enabling you to save it for a later time if you wish to do so.

My mindset approach is proving to be very effective. Some of those who have attended this ‘Weight Loss - a Mindset Approach’ course have written comments on various pages on Facebook. Here are just a few of them, cut and pasted, with their permission. I have removed surnames.

Susan I can't recommend this

short course highly enough.

Find out WHY we eat too much,

and the rest comes naturally.

Charlotte Would really

recommend this - it changed

my mindset and has curbed my

boredom eating!

Karen My auntie has attended and

finding it very successful thank you she's feeling so much better already x

Christine Thank you, we had a one to one session two weeks ago I have now lost 5lbs I'm not dieting just using my mindset and thought process just enjoying not eating the wrong food. I am so impressed with the help you have given me. I am now not food obsessed.

Sue This is a refreshingly straightforward and interesting course. Instead of talking about food and how to cheat your diet like so many slimming clubs, this takes you on a journey into why we eat the way we do, and how to change that. So many facts about it all made it quite riveting, and something positive to work with. Watch my (ever decreasing) space

More about the course:

  • I use a Power Point presentation and give handouts in each session. The presentation is interactive, relaxed and informative. We have some fun!

  • We finish at least one of the sessions with a guided hypnosis relaxation. You will be provided with a link to a sound track to download. (or a CD)

  • A few simple self-awareness exercises will be provided to keep you focused and make you aware of how your mindset is changing.

  • There will be no weigh-ins or asking you to account for your eating.

  • You are free to ask questions or tell us how you are progressing if you would like to.

  • This is about mindset. It is NOT about food and calories.

  • Workshops are open to men, women and teenagers.

Please note: If you are very stressed or anxious, I strongly recommend a couple of private hypnotherapy sessions with me, in order to maximise the benefits of the course. Please phone me to discuss.

I do not advise you to attend this course if you have a history of a diagnosed eating disorder (e.g. Anorexia).

The scheduling of the workshops allows you time to put what you learn into practice. If you would like to enrol, please email me, message or phone me on 07947 160233 so I can send you a booking form and hold a place for you, to allow you time to send in your payment.

Fee for the group complete course is £65.

Only 4 people attended at one time.

For the three session course on an individual basis in £150

If you would like to attend the course, please let me know and I will send you a booking form.

If you introduce three friends, and enrol yourself, your place will be only £40. I would arrange a separate course for this, just for your group.

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