Are you dreading flying to your holiday destination?

If you are feeling uneasy or downright terrified at the prospect of flying away for your holidays, then I can help you.

Using safe techniques, hypnotherapy can help you to overcome that phobia or fear that may have been holding you (and perhaps your family) back for so long.

I work with people who find flying (or the thought of flying) can result in them feeling nervous and anxious, even prevent them from getting onto a plane or make them get up and leave once they are on board.

During three to four hypnotherapy sessions, I can help you feel more confident about flying – with the main aim to help you to board a plane feeling calm and relaxed and to remain this way throughout your flight.

I use specific hypnotherapy techniques that help people overcome specific phobic responses – these can range from a fear of flying to a fear of spiders or heights or the dentist.

Helping someone gain confidence in an area of their life, that has been holding them back, is an amazing and fantastic feeling – this is thanks to solution focused hypnotherapy together with their desire for positive change.

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