Are you lonely?

With a lack of regular, sincere social interaction, a lonely person could experience an overpowering sense of being secluded and extremely alone.

Loneliness is emotionally agonising – a truthfully miserable and awful place to be in.

It can also be harmful to our mental and physical health.

It can trigger sleep issues, depression and heightened anxiety. It can impact on immunity and cause a premature deterioration in intellectual ability, as well as adversely affecting the circulatory system. It can become a vicious circle.

If the loneliness goes on for some time, it can give rise to reduced social interaction, increasing social anxiety. Creating a feeling of not being able to communicate well enough to make new friends or contact other people already in their lives.

Loneliness can eventually lead to a devastating sense of insignificance.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is well positioned to help people who are lonely, to help them achieve positive changes in their thoughts.

I work with my client in a forward looking positive way moving towards their goal, helping them to recognise their strong points and supporting them to use their internal resources, urging them to focus on the positives in their life, as well as helping to decrease the anxiety that goes together with feelings of loneliness.

If you are experiencing seclusion, or feeling negative or withdrawn, it is much more challenging to try to feel positive and to socially interact.

I have great understanding and powerful and effective tools to help my clients free themselves of those limiting thoughts and focus on their ideal future.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can be a very useful tool to help them make the positive changes they want.

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