Self Hypnosis and Child Birth

These sessions will train you how to go into into self-hypnosis instantaneously, and how to generate your own natural pain relief when and where you require it. You will be in charge of your body, and you will be an active participant in your birth process.

As labour continues, you settle down even more, and trust in your body’s natural ability that is to give birth with ease as women have in the past.

Can women give birth with no experience of pain?

They are able to, but there are lots of variables in labour and birth that can have an effect on the birthing process and mums-to-be and their birthing partners should to have a positive but pragmatic view of hypnotherapy for childbirth.


The advantages that using hypnotherapy for childbirth can have and help with:

  • Less or no pain relief drugs meaning reduced chances of side effects on mother and baby.

  • A wide awake, actively involved mother.

  • A tranquil, calm birthing atmosphere.

  • Less intervention and difficulties during labour.

  • Babies who sleep and feed well.


How many sessions will it take?
Initial consultation (1 Hour) – FREE
Normally 3 sessions required  – £50 each
Prices include CD and transcripts to enable you to practice with your birth partner at home