Enjoy the benefits of Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy from just where you are!


There can be so many reasons why it can be difficult to commit to see a local therapist – you can’t leave home, you work away from home or just don’t want to be seen visiting a therapist.

But… you’re not sure


Will it feel personal? How will you establish a rapport?

Watch one of my videos on FaceBook @riverpracticepractice if you want to get to know me a little more.

How easy will it be to use the technology?

You will only need to click a link and follow straightforward instructions.

What happens if the internet fails?

Even if you were lying down relaxing at the time, you would be fully aware and in control and I would phone you.

Will it be as effective as seeing you in person?

I have observed the same results in my online clients as those I see face-to-face. Some people find it even easier to focus.

So what’s stopping you?

All you need for an online face-to-face therapy session is: a tablet, phone or computer, with a speaker (or headphones), camera and a reliable internet connection.

Think about the room you call from, which should be comfortable, warm and quiet with no interruptions – leaving you free to relax and listen. Ideally you should be able to lie down, or put your feet up.

I use Zoom or Skype for these sessions because they meet a very high standard of confidentiality and data protection and is easy to use.

Once you’ve booked a session we’ll exchange telephone numbers and any further information and your first link. After your first session, I will email you the link just before the session, so that it is easy to locate it.

At the time of your appointment just click the link and you’ll be connected to a video call with me.

If you’ve never used Zoom or Skype before, please click on the link 10 minutes before your 1st session in order to allow time to download the software and test your sound. Just follow the on-screen instructions.