In our lives some of us may notice our stress levels start are increasing and perhaps you may find you’re letting worries get you down.

Because it is powered by strong emotion, depression tends to induce "all or nothing" thinking. Endless negative focus means that you sleep more and think more. 

I offer an Initial Consultation for free and I am used to helping people who are feeling overwhelmed and depressed .

Modern life and the pressures of juggling work, finance, family, and relationships can take their toil and may sometimes cause our 'stress bucket's to fill up – affecting our ability to function.











Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works by effectively reducing our ‘stress bucket’ levels through positive thinking – which is encouraged during a number of sessions..

Once you are focused in a state of positive thinking, then the final part of the session uses trance to encourage a process called Rapid Eye Movement (REM) - whereby the brain effectively empties some of its own stress bucket levels.  

Over a number of sessions, you should start to notice their stress levels have dropped and they can start to feel calmer, more positive, and relaxed about life and how they react to situations at work and at home.

It really is a simple, safe, and effective way to help someone control and manage their depression. 

If someone has health concerns then they should visit their GP.

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