Anxiety, Panic and Stress


People who suffer with anxiety often describe themselves as suffering with ‘free floating anxiety’ which can be likened to the ‘whack the crocodile’ game at an arcade – they resolve one issue but no sooner has this been done when another worry pops up.

Racing thoughts, loss of concentration, and an inability to focus make everyday life very difficult.



We all suffer with worry from time to time, but the thing that makes anxiety different from “normal worry” is that the worry is prolonged  and the level of worry is out of proportion to the risk. 

Anxiety is a particularly difficult to live with as it is constantly on your mind – there is no respite as the anxiety is not tied to a specific situation or event.

It can cause problems with sleep, ability to maintain a job as well as impact close relationships.

Modern life and the pressures of juggling work, finance, family and relationships can take their toll and may sometimes cause our levels of anxiety to increase, increasing our negative thoughts and our stress buckets to fill up, so affecting our ability to function.


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works by effectively reducing our ‘stress bucket’ levels through positive thinking. 

Once you are focused in a state of positive thinking then the final part of the session uses trance to encourage a process called Rapid Eye Movement (REM) - whereby the brain effectively empties some of its own stress bucket levels.  

Over a number of sessions, the you should start to notice your  anxiety levels have dropped and you can start to feel calmer, more positive and relaxed about life and how you react to situations at work and at home.

It really is a simple, safe and effective way to help someone control and manage their anxiety levels.

If someone has health concerns then they should visit the GP.


Panic attacks produce very real physical symptoms, from a rapid increase in heartbeat to a churning stomach sensation. These physical symptoms are naturally unpleasant and the accompanying psychological thoughts of terror can make a panic attack a very scary experience. For this reason, those experiencing panic attacks start to dread the next attack, and quickly enter into a cycle of living ‘in fear of fear’With your constantly busy and hectic 24/7 life-style, it’s sometimes easy to forget the importance of simply being able to stop and relax. You may struggle with stress and feel it manifesting itself in a variety of ways – from insomnia through to being tetchy.

My training is in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. It means we are focused on positive outcomes over the course of a number of sessions and, as such, we can help someone reduce their stress bucket levels.

“Hypnosis is used as part of the session and is a simple technique allowing the client to enter a state of relaxation and provide them with the opportunity to let go of stress and tension.

I tend to find a number of sessions can really make a difference for some people. I also provide them with a free relaxation CD/download during the initial consultation. The track is also useful because it allows people to be able to experience the same comforting, relaxing sensations in the comfort of their home.”

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