I work with clients in my therapy room and/or online via Skype or Zoom.


Initial Consultation

(45-60 minutes) £30

During the consultation I will gather information about your current concerns and which aspect of your life you would like to move forward. This enables me to help you to the best of my abilities.Using neuro-scientific research I will explain how the brain works and how we can make those positive alterations to change your life for the better.

General Therapy

(50-60 minutes) £55

At each session we will explore your positive actions, interactions and thoughts. I will help you move smoothly and swiftly towards helping become the best you can be.

We also will use trance to increase responsiveness and concentration allowing your mind to become more open to positive suggestions.

(Therapy for general anxiety and depression disorders may take 8-12 sessions, or less or more; simple phobias may need only 3-4 sessions. I am completely client lead; you know when you have achieved your goals.)

Smoking Cessation (stop smoking)

(one session only)

(90-120 minutes £135)

The therapy used for smoking cessation is completed within a single session